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KeyaCode is a software company established to offer the digital solutions required by the modern business world. We offer professional software solutions for websites, mobile applications, applications on iOS & Android platforms and special designs for your company, to enable your company to work more efficiently and with quality.

Mobile / Web design
fxy - Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Dijital Pazarlama

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With our expert and experienced software team, we can produce solutions that work either within your network or on our networks in the fields of Digital Media Marketing, Google SEO Optimization, Web Design, Web Development – Programming, E-Commerce Systems, and Printing Services.


Website Development

We develop modern and impressive websites so that your business can best represent it on digital platforms.Your business can best represent it on digital platforms..

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: We assist you in predicting the future using powerful artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning models. We provide customized solutions tailored to your business needs.

Professional Software Solutions

We offer special software solutions for the efficient and error-free execution of your business processes. Such as training management systems, customer relations management, stock tracking systems.

Logo Design

We offer special software solutions for the efficient and error-free execution of your business processes. Our goal is to enable your company to work..

Photo and Video Editing Services

We offer professional solutions through our photo and video editing services.

Mobile Application Development

We develop special mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, enabling you to interact directly with your customers and create brand loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence And Mobile App

🌱 Smart Agriculture Solution Recognising Pest Plants 🌱

We are here with an innovative solution we have developed as KeYacode to add value to the agricultural sector and increase productivity! Our deep learning system, designed to minimise the damage caused by harmful plants to crops, makes your agriculture smarter and more effective.

What Can You Do With KeYacode Agriculture Solution?

🌿 Pest Plant Detection: Thanks to powerful deep learning algorithms, you can quickly and precisely detect harmful plants in your field.

📸 Image Processing Technology: Our application, which can be used in crops such as corn, wheat, cotton, evaluates plant health with visual data.

🔄 Real Time Data Analysis: Quickly identify problems in agriculture and produce instant solutions with instant data analysis.

📊 Performance Analytics: Our application contributes to your future planning by analysing your agricultural performance based on historical data.

🌐 Compatible and User Friendly Interface: Easily manage your agricultural processes with our modern and user-friendly interface.

Invest in the Future with KeYacode!

As KeYacode, we offer a solution that supports digital transformation in the agricultural sector and promotes sustainable agricultural practices. If you are looking for a strong and smart partner in the fight against harmful plants, KeYacode may be the right choice for you.

🚀 Make your agriculture more efficient, smart and sustainable with KeYacode! 🚀

💪 KeYacode Health Movement Tracking Project – Invest in Your Health with Artificial Intelligence! 💪

We support you in the best way with our high-tech, artificial intelligence-supported health movement tracking project. As KeYacode, we offer a pioneering solution to make the interaction between physiotherapists and patients smarter and more effective.

🌐 Innovative Technology and Artificial Intelligence Integration:

Deep Learning Algorithms: We use advanced deep learning algorithms to meticulously evaluate and optimise your movements.

Personalised Progress Tracking: Algorithms designed specifically for your health condition track the progress of your movements in a personalised way.

High Definition Videos: We offer a platform supported by high-definition training videos for you to learn the movements accurately.

Instant Feedback: With instant feedback on your movements, you can be sure that you are working correctly.

🚀 KeYacode – Invest in Your Health with Artificial Intelligence!

KeYacode health movement tracking project, shaped by artificial intelligence, deep learning and high technology, is the most modern and effective way to focus on your health. Open the doors of a healthy life with KeYacode!

Some International Website Projects

Color Street (Japan)
Decolux (Turkey)
Deconıl (Turkey)
Compedıum (USA)
Vıtal Juıce Co. (USA)

Shape the Future of Your Business with  Data Analysis

DescrIptIon of LInkedIn Job LIstIngs Dataset with ArtIficial IntellIgence

This dataset contains 862,231 labeled tweets and associated stock returns, providing a comprehensive look into the impact of social media on company-level stock market performance. For each tweet, researchers have extracted data such as the date of the tweet and its associated stock symbol, along with metrics such as last price and various returns (1-day return, 2-day return, 3-day return, 7-day return). Also recorded are volatility scores for both 10 day intervals and 30 day intervals. Finally, sentiment scores from both Long Short – Term Memory (LSTM) and TextBlob models have been included to quantify the overall tone in which these messages were delivered. With this dataset you will be able to explore how tweets can affect a company’s share prices both short term and long term by leveraging all of these data points for analysis!

Asthma PredIction Dataset: AdvancIng Healthcare wIth AI

“The Asthma Disease Prediction” 😮‍💨 dataset is a carefully curated collection of anonymized health records and patient data, selected meticulously for predictive modeling and research purposes. It encompasses vital patient information, environmental factors, and medical history, allowing for the development of advanced machine learning models to predict the onset, severity, and treatment outcomes of asthma. This dataset serves as a valuable resource to enhance early diagnosis and management of asthma, ultimately improving the quality of care for affected individuals 🤩

AnalyzIng the Impact of SocIal MedIa on Stock Market Performance

Every day, thousands of companies and individuals turn to LinkedIn in search of talent. This dataset contains almost comprehensive records of over 15,000 job postings listed over a period of two days. Each post includes 27 valuable attributes, including title, job description, salary, location, application URL, and job types (remote, contract, etc.), along with separate files containing associated benefits, skills, and industries. Most of the jobs are also linked to a company, and all of these are listed in another CSV file with features such as company description, headquarters location, number of employees, and follower count.

With so many data points, the potential for exploration in this dataset is immense and includes researching the highest-paying job titles, companies, and locations; predicting salaries/benefits through NLP; and examining how industries and companies differ in terms of internship offerings and benefits. Future updates will allow for further research into time-based trends, including company growth, the prevalence of remote jobs, and the demand for individual job titles over time.

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